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Opening times
Months of Year Opening times
April - May 10:00 - dusk (around 18:00 - 19:00)
June - August 09:00 - dusk (around 20:00 - 21:00)
September - October 10:00 - dusk (around 18:00 - 19:00)
November-March By arrangement.

Do I need to book in advance ?

You need to pre-book if you require a private (non-sharing) tour. This is subject to a minimum charge, please see prices page for details. We recommend you book a tour especially for large groups or at weekends when we are very busy. We can then reserve punts and ensure sufficient chauffeurs are available. Apart from that, just turn up !


Yes, we have discounts for students and large groups. Cambridge Leisure Card holders automatically get discounts on self-hire. Please call/email us for more information.

I have small children !

Our boats are very safe for young children, who often find the experience very enjojoyable. For peace-of-mind we will provide life-jackets on request. When the river is busy it is advised that non-experienced punters take a chauffeured punt rather than punt themselves.

I am with a chauffeur but want to have a go !

Just ask your chauffeur. He/She will let you punt for a few minutes, provided the it is safe to do so.

I finished punting, now what do I do in Cambridge. Help !

Ask for advice from our chauffeur. Or go to Cambridge University Information Page , or Tourist Information Centre.


Tel. 01223 354164 Office 01223 359299 Mobile 07966 157059
EMAIL : matthew@punting-in-cambridge.co.uk
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